Captain America: The First Avenger Word Search Puzzle

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Are you a fan of Captain America? Captain America is an american film produced by Marvel Studios. The first of the franchise was produced in 2011 by Marvel and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film grossed $370.6 million on its $140 million budget. Critics praised Evans' performance, and also gained positive reviews on social media platforms. The story is set during WW2, and depicts a handpicked recruit from the military Steve Rogers, to undergo a topsecret program and help fight the NAZIs in Europe. The experiment was a success. With the Super Soldier Serum, they created the world's first supersoldier. It is one of the many successful movies of Marvel Studios. Find all the names of these amazing characters in this exciting puzzle!

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Captain America: The First Avenger
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Captain America: The First Avenger Word Search Puzzle
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